Sani Seat Covers


Howard Hughes, Prince, Howard Stern, Michael Jackson, Howie Mandel  & even former twice impeached President Donald Trump suffer from Mysophobia, the "fear of germs" which can be hereditary or a learned behavior. A form of OCD can be triggered by this trauma, causing sufferers to completely avoid public places. Prevention is the best treatment, and Sani Seat Covers is here to offer a peace of mind to germophobes around the world.

According to the CDC, 6-12 million get lice annually with planes, trains & movie theaters being perfect breeding grounds. Lice burrow into headrests & can live in fabric up to 10 days. Insecticides become resistant & are not good for humans. Furthermore, with the FAA not having to regulate cleaning on planes, it's up to travelers to keep themselves protected against diseases like staph, aureus, MRSA, and e-coli. Sani Seat Covers, Tray Covers, and Door Covers are a quick, seamless solution for them that contains no insecticides.

Sani Seat Covers are as portable as any tissue packet or hand sanitizer, and a necessary step for anyone navigating public spaces.